Beautiful Barred owl suffers life-altering injury, needs your help to heal - BC SPCA
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Beautiful Barred owl suffers life-altering injury, needs your help to heal

December 6, 2018

Staff at the SPCA’s Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC) are hoping you’ll be able to help them help their latest owl patient. The bird is believed to have been hit by a car, and, as a result, has unfortunately had to have one of her eyes removed. The owl also suffered trauma to her keel (chest/sternum), as well as a swollen ear. The surgery and costs related to care are currently estimated to be at more than $2,700.

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“This unfortunate incident is a reminder that birds like owls — and other raptors — are extremely vulnerable at this time of year, when daylight is limited,” says Meg Hatch, assistant manager, Wild ARC. “We hope people will do their part to ensure risks are minimized or eliminated on our roads.” Hatch says it’s not just about driving carefully. “Travellers should wait for an appropriate receptacle to dispose of food or other compostable scraps in, instead of tossing them from their vehicles.”  Hatch notes scraps on the side of the road can draw out rodents — in turn drawing out the birds hunting them for food. “We are optimistic this owl can live out a normal life, as owls assess depth not with their eyes, but with their ears. Once this bird has recovered, staff will assess the bird’s ability to hunt before release.”

If you’re able to help this owl, or other animals like her, we invite you to visit our medical emergency page, or you can make a donation in-person at Wild ARC, located at 1020 Malloch Rd., in Victoria.

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