Marigold is a victim of cruelty and needs your help - BC SPCA
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Marigold is a victim of cruelty and needs your help

January 14, 2020


The BC SPCA’s Surrey Good Shepherd Barn is asking for your help to care for a three-year-old pot-belly pig called Marigold. This young pig came into SPCA care through a cruelty investigation surrender.

“Marigold had overgrown hooves that caused her to walk like she was wearing flippers, causing tendon and ligament strain,” says Leiki Salumets, SPCA manager, equine and farm animal care. “She was treated for skin irritation caused by mange mites and came into our care at least 20 pounds underweight,” says Salumets.

Marigold is on a weight gain feed plan and regular hoof trimming schedule. She will need further support to address her hoof and leg issues caused by neglect. “Marigold is a sweet and curious little soul who looks forward to her gourmet salads and pig pellets,” says Salumets. “She is becoming more confident every day and is starting to accept pets and even belly scratches from staff and volunteers.”

Marigold is looking for a suitable home and her cost of care is expected to reach $1,430.

If you can help Marigold and other farm animals in need, please visit or contact the Surrey Good Shepherd Barn at 604-574-1711 to make an adoption appointment.