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Did you know B.C.’s wildlife is at risk? Share your ideas for helping at-risk species

May 28, 2018

The BC government is asking the public to voice their thoughts on a new law that would aim to keep wild animals from going extinct. British Columbia is Canada’s most biologically diverse province, with more species at risk than any other province in Canada. BC currently has no stand-alone endangered species legislation, meaning hundreds of species and their habitats are at risk of being lost forever.

We are most concerned that the legislation will have loopholes that are not stringent enough to protect critical habitat on both Crown and private lands. Further, new legislation should prevent the importation, breeding and sales of exotic animals that negatively affect our ecosystems when dumped into the environment, like red-eared slider turtles and carp fish.

Red-eared slider

“While habitat loss and climate change continue to be significant factors that impact endangered species in this province, some introduced species can become invasive and have serious consequences for local B.C. wildlife,” says Dr. Sara Dubois, BC SPCA chief scientific officer.

The BC SPCA will be submitting our recommendations and is attending consultation sessions as a stakeholder.

To voice your opinion, visit their main consultation page and click on one of the blog posts. You can write your own comment, reply to comments and ‘vote’ on existing comments with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Comment by the end of June to ensure your voice is heard.

If you’re interested in reading more, review the discussion paper.

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