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Help needed for kitten rescued in time to save her life

September 10, 2019

The BC SPCA’s North Peace Branch is seeking your help with medical costs for a seven-week-old kitten staff have named Liberty who was suffering from a harsh life on the streets and was in desperate need of veterinary care.

Liberty has a ruptured eye that occurred due to untreated respiratory symptoms and a lack of vaccinations. She requires an enucleation, which is surgery to remove the damaged eye. Her ears are plugged with ear mites and she has a few small wounds. Liberty is severely underweight with a body condition score of two out of nine with a score of five considered an ideal weight. “The vet believes she will make a full recovery. She just has to put a bit of weight on prior to surgery,” says SPCA North Peace branch manager Candace Buchamer.

Liberty the kitten

Liberty came from a feral cat colony where population numbers were being managed through a trap, neuter and return (TNR) program. An increase in the number of unwanted cats being dumped increased the colony’s numbers this year. The colony manager brought Liberty and her siblings to the SPCA as soon as they could trap her. Sadly, one of her siblings was too far gone with two ruptured eyes and needed to be euthanized to end his suffering. Her other sibling was rescued in time to save both of his eyes but will also require extra care and medication to recover.

Liberty has not missed the critical window of time where she can be socialized to trust humans and be happy living indoors. She is trusting of staff and allows them to wash her face and apply her medication. “Liberty allows you to cradle her like a baby and gently stretchers her head out,” says Buchamer. “This tiny little fighter has a huge heart and has already shown great progress in recovery with a voracious appetite and plenty of play.”

Liberty will need three weeks in SPCA care to recover before she is ready to be adopted. Her total cost of care is expected to be $1,825.

If you can help Liberty and other animals in need at the North Peace SPCA, please visit or visit the branch at 9311 81 Ave, Fort St. John, .250-785-7722.