Seriously injured kitten found on side of road requires surgery - BC SPCA
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Seriously injured kitten found on side of road requires surgery

December 19, 2023

WARNING: Graphic Image

Three good Samaritans helped Fergus, a seriously injured six-month-old brown tabby kitten, get the care he needed after he was found on the side of a road in Abbotsford. When they took a closer look at Fergus it was obvious he had an injured leg and sadly all the skin and fur had been removed from the poor kitten’s tail; only the tissue and bone remained.

“The first person who saw Fergus and stopped to care for him called us describing his injuries, so we immediately booked an appointment with a vet,” says Sarah Ringer-Vennard, manager of the BC SPCA’s Abbotsford animal centre. “A couple also stopped to help and offered to rush Fergus to the vet.” Ringer-Vennard adds the couple mentioned they normally don’t take that road, it was just a happy accident that they were on it that day and could help. The BC SPCA will be covering all the costs of Fergus’ treatment.

The vet determined Fergus had a severely fractured femur that required pinning to correct it and avoid amputation. Unfortunately, Fergus’ tail could not be saved and was amputated. “The cause of the injuries is unknown,” says Ringer-Vennard, “but the vet thinks they may be the result of Fergus hiding or keeping warm in a car engine and coming into contact with the fan belt while the engine was running.” The BC SPCA reminds people to tap or lightly thump the hood of their vehicle or honk the horn and give enough time for cats and other animals to make their escape before starting their car during the cold, winter months.

Fergus spent four days at the veterinary clinic being monitored prior to surgery. After surgery, Fergus was released into the care of one of the BC SPCA’s amazing volunteer fosters to heal.

“Fergus is the sweetest little guy,” says Ringer-Vennard. “He loves food, and pets, and any attention he can get. Despite all the pain he was in when he arrived, he immediately snuggled up the vet clinic staff. He steals the hearts of everyone who meets him.”

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