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Horses, goat and chickens find new homes at Surrey adoptathon

October 1, 2015

A recent adoptathon held in Surrey by the BC SPCA was a success, with plenty of animal-loving British Columbians coming out for the event.

Many of the animals, including 16 horses, came from one Surrey property in August, where 57 animals were seized as the result of a cruelty investigation.

At the adoptathon event, many people showed interest in the animals available for adoption, and several were successfully adopted, and are expected to be happy in their new forever homes by the end of this week.

“The adoptathon went really well – lots of people were just looking, but we successfully rehomed eight horses, one goat, a donkey and some chickens,” says BC SPCA Constable Eileen Drever. “It was a very positive event, and I think it helped raise awareness, about animal welfare as well as farm animals in need of new homes.”

Anyone still interested in the animals available for adoption (photos and descriptions in original story below) can email

Original story: Hold your horses…and llamas and ducks! ran on Sept. 17, 2015:

The BC SPCA’s cruelty investigations department is hosting an adoptathon for farm animals seized in recent animal cruelty investigations on Saturday, Sept. 26.

Among the animals available for adoption are 16 horses who were among 57 animals seized from a Surrey property on Aug. 11. The horses have received intensive care during the past month as they recovered from malnutrition and other medical issues and are now ready to be adopted.

“These animals were in serious distress when we took them into our care and we would love to see them adopted by wonderful new guardians who will ensure that they live the rest of their lives free from suffering and pain,” says BC SPCA Constable Eileen Drever. She notes that the horses will be available for viewing at the adoptathon and applications will be accepted, along with a sealed bid.

In addition to the horses available for adoption, the BC SPCA farm is housing llamas, ducks, chickens, geese, a donkey and a goat who are also looking for a new home.

The adoptathon will takes place from noon to 4 p.m. on Sept. 26 at the BC SPCA’s Surrey location at 16748 50th Avenue.


Sassy (Animal ID #376608)
Sassy is a two-year-old grey roan Appaloosa filly. Standing at 13.3hh and growing, this little filly is looking for an experienced and knowledgeable home where she can grow and thrive. Sassy is an alpha mare that has had a rough start in life. She does battle some cloudiness to her right eye, but with ongoing attention and medication she appears to be recovering. While in the care of the SPCA Sassy has come to learn how to lead, pick up her feet and that people offer goodies like kind pats and the odd cookie. With time and patience, this rewarding little filly will turn into an unrecognizable mare!


Fiona (Animal ID #376612)
Fiona is approximately two or three years of age. She is a dark bay filly of unknown breeding, possibly half (solid) Appaloosa. Standing at 14hh and growing, this sweet and personable filly is a diamond in the rough.

While in the care of the SPCA, Fiona has learned how to lead, pick up her feet and loves to be the centre of attention. Fiona is a fancy mover and has an eagerness to please her handler.


Lacey (Animal ID #376615)
Lacey is a two-year-old cremello Pinto filly. Standing at a short stature of 13.1hh, Lacey will grow but will remain a little horse. She is a barn favourite with her gentle and kind nature, her fancy markings and icy blue eyes. While in SPCA care, she has learned to lead, is easy to catch and is learning to lunge and pick up her feet. Lacey will require a home that understands her dietary needs as she is sugar sensitive and cannot eat timothy or ANY high sugar hay. She does exceptionally well on alfalfa and first cut local hay.


Spice Girl (Animal ID #376619)
Spice is approximately 13 years old. We believe she is an Appaloosa/Percheron cross mare. She is our resident big girl, with her big, gentle stature and nature; she has caught the attention of all of our visitors. It is not believed that Spice is broken to ride or has had much training at all. She struggles to understand why we need to pick up her feet, and lunging was a new concept for her. She leads well and with consistent handling, we believe she will be very rewarding. Spice has been diagnosed with a grade 1 level heart murmur by veterinarian Kim Steele. She does not believe it should affect Spice in any way but she should not be used for high aerobic or strenuous activities.


Kenzie (Animal ID #376620)
Kenzie is our golden pony. This 10-year-old Haflinger mare is broken to ride, knows her aids and is a quiet, laid-back ride. She stands at 14hh and could easily get her pony card for the hunter/jumper rings. Kenzie is not hot or overly sensitive. She would do well enrolling in a gym membership as she is flourishing on first cut local hay! Kenzie has two small abdominal hernias, but we have been told they should not affect her ability as a riding pony. She is simple and pleasurable to handle. Kenzie is the pony dreams are made of! She cannot wait to find her forever home!


Maggie (Animal ID #376623)
Maggie is a 14-year-old, 14.1hh bay Arabian mare. Maggie came to us in an emaciated state; she has continuously put weight on and is a pleasure to have in the barn. She has a very pretty, delicately shaped head and flowing movement, this mare will be someone’s pride and joy. Maggie leads well, ties, picks up her feet and lunges beautifully. It is believed that she is broken to ride but due to her condition, we have not saddled her yet. It is also believed that she has been used as a broodmare in the past.


Peaches (Animal ID #376616)
Peaches is a 13-year-old dun Quarter Horse mare. Standing roughly 15hh, Peaches is an athletic, sensitive mare that we believe has not been handled much in her life. This beautiful mare responds well to natural horsemanship techniques and handling but will be a long term project horse. Peaches does very well in an individual paddock as she is an alpha mare. She picks up her feet, is learning to lead and enjoys accepting treats. Peaches will require a knowledgeable and experienced home.


Bella (Animal ID #376618)
Bella is our gorgeous Leopard Appaloosa mare. At the approximate age of 12 years old and standing roughly 15.1hh, Bella is the sweetheart of the barn. With her sweet, pleasant demeanour and quiet, can-do attitude, this stunningly marked mare will be the apple of her new guardian’s eye. Bella lunges easily, ties, leads and picks up her feet. It is not believed at this time that she is broken to ride, but with some time and consistency, we feel Bella will happily and easily accept a saddle.


Gracie (Animal ID #376617)
Gracie is our lovely bay Trakehner mare. This stunning, athletic mare stands roughly 15.2hh. Gracie is approximately seven years old and is a sensitive girl who is always aiming to please.

Gracie leads well, is learning to pick up her feet and will require a knowledgeable and experienced home to bring her to her full potential. She is a fancy girl with effortless movement.


Mickey (Animal ID #376621)
Mickey came into our care as an emaciated 10-year-old miniature stallion. With a body score of 0.5, he has been on a steady climb to recovery. His feet were curled back and he has two collapsed heels, and it will continue to take time to bring him back to health.

Mickey has a crooked tooth and will require ongoing dentistry. He has also been gelded. Mickey is a great little character with a personality ten times his physical size. He brings smiles to each person that has met him and will bring great joy to his new forever home!


Minnie (Animal ID #376622)
Minnie is our 10-year-old, dun miniature mare. She has been living with Mickey for some time but they are not bonded to each other and do not need to go to a home together.

Minnie has made a great recovery thus far and should continue to do so. Minnie has locking patellas due to her emaciation and has been pregnancy checked and is not in foal. She is a sweet mare and will make a great addition to any farm.


Gregory (Animal ID #377478)
Gregory is a miniature donkey who is about eight years old and has been recently gelded in our care.

Gregory gets along well with others and will make a phenomenal companion. He leads slowly but surely, ties and picks up his feet. Gregory is a joy to have around.


Tux (Animal ID #376614)
Tux is a three-year-old black and white Pinto gelding. Tux stands approximately 14.3hh and has a willing nature to him. He leads, is learning to tie, learning to lunge and is turning into a beautiful boy. Tux has been recently gelded and is recovering well.


Happy (Animal ID #376609)
Happy is a three-year-old grey with leopard blanket Appaloosa gelding. He stands at roughly 14.2hh. Happy is a happy fellow, as his name suggests. Happy has been recently gelded and has recovered well. He has a previous injury to the vertebrae on his withers that will make him unsuitable for any riding work later in his life. Happy is looking for a liberty/natural horsemanship type home where he can also make a companion for another horse.


Devon (Animal ID #376611)
Devon is a solid sorrel Appaloosa gelding, aged seven. Devon is a classy guy with pleasant manners and a mild disposition. He leads lunges, bathes and ties. This sweet, recently gelded boy takes everything is stride. He is sensitive but sensible and we believe he may be broken to ride. His lovely locks and long mane and forelock and thick tail pair well with his nice conformation and he will be a stunner when he is back to 100 per centhealth. This gelding is built for cattle penning or cutting and we feel he would excel at it!


Cash (Animal ID #376610)
Cash is a big, seven-year-old,  15.3hh Palomino Quarter Horse gelding. This lovely boy is built for western pleasure and we believe he is well broke to ride! He has been recently gelded.  He lunges with ease, stands in cross ties, bathes, and continues to impress us with his knowledgeable mind. He is spunky but sensible and will become a barn favourite anywhere he goes.


Slim “Jim” (Animal ID #376613)
Jim stands roughly 15.1hh and appears to be a Quarter Horse cross. Jim is a Palomino and is our feisty fellow. He has been recently gelded. With his big personality and lovely golden colour, Jim is all that and a bag of chips! We believe Jim is around six or seven years of age and he lunges with ease, on the lazier side. Jim will require an experienced and knowledgeable home as his personality is so large, however with time and consistency, he could potentially become a young rider’s partner. Jim has lovely floating movement and could be well suited to English riding.


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