Golden retriever puppies seized in Chilliwack cruelty investigation - BC SPCA
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Golden retriever puppies seized in Chilliwack cruelty investigation

January 18, 2010

An emaciated golden retriever and her 11 puppies are now safe in BC SPCA custody following a cruelty investigation earlier this week.  The nursing mother, whose ribs protrude through her thin coat, is under veterinary care, and the four-week-old puppies are also receiving care for nutritional issues.

“It is such a sad case because it was completely preventable,” said Eileen Drever, BC SPCA senior animal protection officer.  “The mother is trying to care for her babies but she is so malnourished it is difficult for her to provide for them.”  Drever says the dogs were kept in a home with no food or water in an area littered with feces and urine.  “When the owner of the animals did not comply with an SPCA order to seek immediate veterinary treatment for the animals we obtained a warrant to seize them.”

Drever said a male red retriever, who was being kept outside the home in a feces-filled yard with no potable water or shelter, has also been taken into SPCA care and is being treated for an ear infection.

May 31 update: Crown counsel has laid charges of animal cruelty against Chilliwack resident Paula MacGougan.

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