Generosity in Action: Gail McDowell - BC SPCA
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Generosity in Action: Gail McDowell

March 24, 2020

Dog-mom Gail McDowell embodies the word “generosity”.

Gail is both a PAW Plan monthly donor and our main BC SPCA contact at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver.

“I was inspired to give because of my love for animals. I am very fortunate to say that animals have always been a part of my life: from the family dog, to the dog we gave my daughter, to the one who found me (Max). In more recent times, I had my first visit to the Vancouver BC SPCA, which gave me exposure to all the wonderful work they do,” says Gail. “My first visit to the Vancouver SPCA led me to ‘Jesse, the Wonder Dog.’ I asked the SPCA staff member about Jesse and she informed me that I had just found ‘the best dog in the world.’ She was right. Sadly, it is never for long enough.

“On my second trip after Jesse’s passing, accompanied by my friend Judy, who had told me in very clear terms that ‘I don’t like how you look. I don’t like how you sound. Get a dog!’ I found Max, another best dog in the world. He suffers through all my kisses on the cheek (the lips are out of the question) and reminds me daily of the virtue of patience and loyalty. He is undoubtedly my favourite face to see every day.”

A long time donor, Gail chose to join PAW Plan a number of years ago. She explains, “I had made past one-off donations to the BC SPCA, but when I discovered that PAW Plan would give me the opportunity to make affordable, on-going contributions that are within my means, I immediately signed up.”

By joining PAW Plan, not only do animal-lovers like Gail make regularly scheduled gifts, they also help the animals even more! Our PAW Plan donors help to lower administration costs – plus, they allow us to plan for unexpected events, like an emergency or a large intake of animals.

Gail does even more to help the animals, though. Gail works at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, which generously donates space and provides premium services at a significant discount for BC SPCA events in the Lower Mainland.

She says, “I am fortunate enough to have worked for 32 years at this great ‘pet friendly’ hotel with colleagues and clients who share a bond in the joy that animals bring to life. I’m proud to say that we enjoy a close relationship with the BC SPCA and are honoured to play a part in contributing to some of their events both past and in the future.”

From personal to professional, Gail is always dedicated to helping the animals. Thank you Gail (and the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver!) for your paw-some generosity!

For more information on our Generosity in Action program, please contact Erin Walkey, Director of Philanthropy, Revenue Development 1-800-665-1868.