Generosity In Action: Canstar Restorations - BC SPCA
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Generosity In Action: Canstar Restorations

December 11, 2020

Restoring hope for animals in B.C.

The BC SPCA’s community of supporters have been true role models of 2020’s motto: “We’re all in this together.” Our volunteers, staff, and donors have proven how resilient communities can be when they come together, and one of our corporate donors deserves a special mention: Canstar Restorations.

Canstar partnered with the BC SPCA in 2018 and has since shown a deep commitment to our cause – they’ve donated more than $30,000! Despite the adversity individuals and the company experienced in 2020, their support of the BC SPCA did not waver. Instead, Canstar’s support grew stronger as they rallied together to ensure animals of BC were still receiving the protection and care they needed.

In July, Canstar answered a call to help devastated families in Langley whose homes had gone up in flames. Those families who tragically lost their pets in the fire felt comforted when Canstar made a donation to the BC SPCA in their pets’ name. Along with this contribution, Canstar has found other inventive ways to show their support. An employee was recognized with a monetary award for outstanding performance and she chose to donate her funds to BC SPCA animals in need. Once professional hockey was able to resume, Canstar employees coordinated a hockey pool and donated the proceeds to the BC SPCA.

All of these selfless examples show us that they truly care – they understand animal suffering doesn’t end during a pandemic. We are so grateful to have the wonderful Canstar team on our roster of partners. We hope their generosity inspires other community members to give back to animals in need.

*Please note: this photo was taken pre-COVID*