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Generosity in Action: Audrey & Martin Hill

June 1, 2018

Since moving to Canada from the UK in the early 80’s, Audrey and Martin Hill have been sharing their passion for animal welfare in the communities they reside. Audrey recalls, “Within 24 hours of arriving in Canada, we spotted a stray kitten outside. It was in the worst condition I have ever seen and surely, many others had seen it too and didn’t do a thing to help. Our immediate thought was, where is the nearest SPCA?”

Over the years, Audrey and Martin have remained dedicated to the cause. Audrey’s served in various roles as a volunteer, community council member and Nanaimo branch manager. They both remain long time generous supporters and monthly PAW Plan members.

These days, Audrey and Martin are retired but their compassion and dedication to animals shows no signs of slowing. Understanding the need for animal overpopulation prevention, Audrey and Martin generously contribute to a low-income spay/neuter fund at the BC SPCA, which directly assists those who cannot afford to pay for their animals spay/neuter surgeries. “I collect bottles and take them to the depot, while Martin has a 1947 Hudson cab he operates for weddings and graduations and in the warmer months, takes tourists arriving by boat to the local Laughing Oyster restaurant in Lund”, Audrey shares. All of the proceeds are via donation and are distributed to the BC SPCA or an animal charity of the customer’s choice.

Audrey and Martin pose for a photo with their rescue dogs Luna, Joey and Dusty.

Audrey and Martin, we are so grateful for your kindness and support over the years. The work you do continues to transform the lives of animals throughout B.C! We encourage you to give a friendly wave to Martin if you see him cruising the streets this summer in his bright yellow taxi!

For more information on our Generosity in Action program, please contact Erin Walkey, Director of Philanthropy, Revenue Development 1-800-665-1868.

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