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Eight more cats rescued in Ashcroft hoarding case

January 12, 2012

BC SPCA special constables have captured eight more cats in a possible hoarding case in Ashcroft. The cats were hiding in and around an abandoned house from which 31 cats were rescued this Monday. The cats are being cared for at the Williams Lake SPCA. If you believe one of these cats (see below) is your missing pet, contact the Williams Lake branch.




Eight more cats have been found at an abandoned house in Ashcroft, B.C.
January 9, 2012

31 cats rescued in abandoned house near Ashcroft

The Kamloops Branch of the BC SPCA is caring for 31 cats who were found in an abandoned home near Ashcroft, B.C. BC SPCA special constables rescued the 31 cats on January 4 and plan to use live traps to capture the remaining half-dozen cats who have been hiding in and around the home.

Kent Kokoska, senior animal protection officer for the BC SPCA, said that most of the cats were in good condition, but several were treated for ear and eye infections. They are being cared for by staff and volunteers at the Kamloops SPCA shelter and will be available for adoption later this week.

“Unfortunately none of the cats had any kind of identification, such as a tattoo, microchip or ID collar, to link them to potential owners,” said Kokoska. “A few of the cats had plastic collars but they were all the same style and it is likely they were put on the cats by whoever placed them in the house.” Kokoska said the SPCA and the RCMP are following up on a lead that the cats may have been collected by an animal hoarder and placed in the house.

The SPCA urges anyone who may be missing their cat to check out the photos posted below. “We don’t know if any of these are owned or if they are stray or abandoned animals, but if someone sees a cat they believe may be theirs on the website, they should then visit the Kamloops SPCA shelter, with proof of ownership, such as photos or veterinary records. Photos of the 31 cats are also available at the Cache Creek veterinary clinic.

“Obviously if these cats are owned we want to reunite them with their families right away, but if not, we need to move forward to adopt them into new loving homes,” said Kokoska.

The BC SPCA conducts more than 7,000 cruelty investigations each year and is reliant on donations from the public to continue its work. To find out how you can help, please visit spca.bc.ca/support.


Below are photos of the 31 cats mentioned above.
















Cats found at an Ashcroft house. Please contact the Kamloops SPCA or Cache Creek veterinary clinic if you think one of these cats is yours.



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