Charges of animal cruelty approved following SPCA investigation near Houston - BC SPCA
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Charges of animal cruelty approved following SPCA investigation near Houston

February 25, 2015

Karin and Catherine Adams have been charged with animal cruelty under both the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Criminal Code of Canada following a BC SPCA investigation.  In August, SPCA constables seized 18 horses, 18 dogs, 15 birds, two cats and 104 fish in various states of distress from the Adams’ property east of Houston, B.C.  The two women were arrested and released on the condition that they not own, or be in the presence of, animals.

Constable Debbie Goodine, BC SPCA senior animal protection officer for the region, says the horses were in distress due to unsanitary living conditions, lack of food, water and shelter, underweight body conditions, poor hoof care and suspected high parasite loads. “Half of the horses had body condition scores of 1.5, indicating severe malnutrition,” said Const. Goodine. “The living conditions for the other animals were also found to be substandard and unsafe and many of the animals were suffering from serious medical and dental issues.”  The animals have since received extensive veterinary care and have been rehomed.

If convicted, Karin and Catherine Adams face up to five years in jail, a maximum fine of $75,000 and up to a lifetime ban on owning animals. Their first court appearance is scheduled for March 16 at the Houston Court House.



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