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Celebrate Specially-Abled Pet Day with these heartwarming tails

May 3, 2021

May 3rd is National Specially-abled Pets Day. It’s a special day that shines a spotlight on amazing and brave pets with disabilities. The celebration is also an opportunity to encourage people about caring and adopting a specially-abled pet.  

The heartwarming stories below from the BC SPCA community reflect that specially-abled pets have so much love to give, and most of the time, you’ll need to keep up with them! 


nelson dog

Nelson severely broke his leg after being thrown from a moving vehicle on a busy roadNelson was rushed into the emergency vet where it was discovered his leg was broken in three places and beyond repair. Amputation was the only option for him to live a pain-free life. Thankfully, Nelson fully recovered from his orthopedic surgery and is doing so much better. 

He was quickly adopted by a family that absolutely adores him! He now has an older brother that’s teaching him the ways of the dog. Nelson can easily keep up with his big brother, and they’ve become the best of friends.  

Terry & Peggy 


 Terry and Peggy were born with only three-and-a-half legs, and had little stumps where their fourth leg should be. The ends of their stumps had become infected, so the only option for them to lead a pain-free life was to amputate. 

Both of their amputation surgeries were a success, and both kittens have since found loving furever families

According to Terry’s new family, his enjoyment of life has gone up since the amputation because he’s gotten even more playful, but he’s also more obedient because he’s not in pain anymore.” He also likes to play with his new feline sibling and loves watching TV.  


As for Peggy, she was renamed Ivy, and quickly became friends with her new feline brother, Bruce.  

Ivy teases him relentlessly, but strangely he seems to enjoy it,” says her new family. “On her second morning here, I woke up to find that she’d snuggled under the duvet during the night and was fast asleep with her head resting on my pillow. We knew that she was here to stay and we were all smitten, even Bruce.” 


Bear came to the SPCA as a four-month-old puppy in extreme pain due to a life-threatening infection in his tail that was a result of an injury left untreated. The tough decision was made to amputate his tail to prevent further pain. 

His surgery was a success and after some time healing in foster care, he found his furever home. According to his family, he’s an upbeat pup who loves to jump around and play but is also always ready for cuddle time and is an “absolute sweetheart.”  


 Koda suffered an injury that left her with a broken femur. By the time she came to the BC SPCA, her injury wasn’t able to heal correctly and was covered in open sores. Koda’s vet recommended her leg be amputated 

Koda recovered beautifully, and soon became a “foster failure” after her foster parent decided she couldn’t bear to be without her and gave her a forever home.  


Judy had been living for years in complete darkness with constant pain because of an untreated eye condition. Sadly, her eyes were beyond saving, and she needed them both removed in order to live a better life.  

Fortunately, Judy’s surgeries were a successSince she was already well adjusted to being blind, she is doing even better now with her eyes removed as she’s no longer any pain. 

Judy stole the hearts of her foster family who decided she fit in so well with them she had to stay. 

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