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Brave cat battles back from severe burns

November 27, 2023

Spackle, as named by BC SPCA staff, is a two-year-old cat who was found cowering under a car in Cranbrook in July. He was clinging to life. His singed white fur was orange and all four of Spackle’s paws, his ears and face were severely burnt.  Thankfully, good Samaritans found him, placed him in a blanketed bin and rushed him to the BC SPCA.

Spackle was immediately brought to a veterinary clinic for urgent care. He went into surgery to clean and dress his burns which were at high risk of infection. He would spend two weeks in hospital care having his wounds cleaned. During that time, he formed such a close bond with the vet treating him, that she jumped at the chance to foster him and give his body’s immune system the time it needed to gain strength and regrow tissue.

As Spackle’s fur returned to its natural colour, a heart shaped marking began to appear on his back. It was a symbol of all the love he has to give. Spackle was always chatting or rolling around trying to get attention, warming the hearts of everyone around him. But there was one heart he won over completely. Spackle found his forever home with the vet who had cared for him from the very start. His new mom was a “foster fail”!