#BettyWhiteChallenge helps puppies like Golden Girl who was found unable to move - BC SPCA
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#BettyWhiteChallenge helps puppies like Golden Girl who was found unable to move

January 9, 2023

The #BettyWhiteChallenge is back by popular demand!

The challenge runs through January 17, marking what would have been Betty’s 101st birthday and honours the actress’s lifelong dedication to animals. Funds raised help provide urgently needed care for puppies like English bulldog mix Golden Girl, named in Betty’s honour, who was found in Richmond unable to move.

“Golden Girl, or GG as we call her, came into our care when she was discovered by an RCMP officer. Not only was she limping on her right leg with a very weak left leg, her spine was visible and she had scabs across her body, hair loss and inflammation,” says Emma Michel, assistant manager of the Richmond BC SPCA animal centre. “GG was also shivering and exhausted and her abdomen was hard and swollen.”

GG was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic for examination and treatment. She may need surgery on her left leg because of a missing femur head. She is currently receiving care for her skin issues and is on a feeding program to help her get to a healthy weight. “When GG first came into our care, she didn’t have much energy. You could tell she perked up as much as she could when people were around her but she needed so much rest,” says Michel. “Now that she is feeling a little bit better we are seeing her sweet personality shine through. She gets so excited when she sees us come into her room.”

Michel adds that GG loves getting cuddles and her stuffies and is starting to do little zoomies. “It is so amazing to see her finally start to act like a puppy.”

If you can help GG and other animals in need, please be part of the #BettyWhiteChallenge this year and make a gift in her honour to save more animals.

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