Beautiful Bethany hopes for help and a home as a ‘tri-pawed’ pet
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Beautiful Bethany hopes for help and a home as a ‘tri-pawed’ pet

January 24, 2018

BC SPCA East Kootenay Branch staff are hoping the public can help a tortoiseshell kitten with a broken left front elbow. Bethany, a kitten not even a year old, came into BC SPCA care with the injury, which hadn’t healed properly.

“When the leg was broken, Bethany wasn’t taken to the vet and the damage was so great, she has severe muscle wasting and is unable to use the front leg,” says BC SPCA East Kootenay Branch manager Christy King.

“Because the fracture healed improperly, the leg will need to be amputated.”

Despite her injury, Bethany remains a friendly feline, King notes.

“Bethany loves people! She is so incredibly affectionate, even with all that she’s been through,” she says.

The medical costs related to Bethany’s care, which includes the amputation surgery, medication and rehabilitation/recovery are expected to exceed $1,700. A non-profit organization, the BC SPCA relies primarily on public donations to help the province’s most vulnerable animals.

“We just want this sweetheart to have a second chance to live out her nine lives, happy and pain-free,” says King, noting Bethany will be available for adoption when she is fully recovered. “She can still lead an extremely active life as a ‘tri-pawed’ furry family member.”

If you can help Bethany and other animals like her at the BC SPCA East Kootenay Branch, you can donate online at or in person at 3339 Highway 3 and 95, Cranbrook.

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