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BC SPCA youth magazine includes at-home activities and fascinating facts

April 14, 2020

BC SPCA Kids Club members should keep an eye on their mailboxes this week – the spring issue of Bark! magazine is out now.

In this issue, we celebrate Be Kind to Animals Month, with several activities that are perfect for time spent at home this spring. Kids will also get a glimpse of the past with photos from the BC SPCA’s 125-year history, seeing what it was like to help animals in B.C. in the 1800s and throughout the 20th century.

A few other articles readers can expect in this issue:

  • “Quit Bugging Me” A guide to fleas, ticks and mites! Kids can enter our contest to one of three adorable plush GIANTmicrobes®.
  • “Amazing Animal Abilities” Discover the unique abilities of seven B.C. animals, including frogs that freeze themselves and rattlesnake-proof opossums.
  • “Wildlife Myths Busted!” How well do you know our wild neighbours? We bust myths about porcupines, woodpeckers, bats and more.

For those who aren’t Kids Club members yet, the latest issue is also available on our website.

If you know a child who would like a subscription to Bark!, you can sign them up for the Kids Club online. Not only does membership give kids something fresh to read each season, it also makes them part of a wider community of like-minded youth who love animals and want to help them.

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