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BC SPCA rescues dogs left outdoors in freezing temperatures

December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010

The BC SPCA is urging the public to protect their animals from freezing temperatures after cruelty investigators in Prince George seized three dogs whose owner had left them outdoors without proper protection from the elements.

“There is no excuse for subjecting animals to this kind of neglect,” said BC SPCA constable Chad Bohanan, noting that two of the dogs were chained outdoors without access to proper shelter while the third was kept in an outdoor pen with no bedding.

“The temperatures in this region have already exceeded -28 degrees Celsius,” he said.

“Dogs should be kept inside during winter months, especially in northern regions, but if they must be kept outdoors, they should have shelter that is raised off the ground, is properly insulated and which provides protection from wind, snow, cold and dampness.”

In this case, Bohanan said the three dogs were chained or kept in a manner that did not allow them access to shelter and the area was covered in feces and hazardous objects.  He added that no food or water was visible for the animals.

The dogs – two pit bull crosses and a mastiff-rottweiler cross – are currently in SPCA care and charges of animal cruelty are pending against their owner.

Bohanan said the case highlights a serious issue of concern for SPCA cruelty investigators in Prince George.  “Unfortunately we see a number of chained, outdoor dogs in this region and it is critical that the owners of these dogs understand how dangerous this is, especially in cold weather.”

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Photo caption: The BC SPCA is urging the public to bring dogs indoors to protect them from freezing temperatures and other winter elements. (The animal pictured above is used for illustrative purposes only.) 

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