BC SPCA caring for 60 animals abandoned at a Surrey property - BC SPCA
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BC SPCA caring for 60 animals abandoned at a Surrey property

May 16, 2022

The BC SPCA is caring for 59 cats and kittens and one ewe rescued from a property in the Cloverdale area of Surrey. The animals were taken into SPCA care on May 13 and 14 after it was discovered the animals had been left alone on the property.

“The conditions in the home were extremely unsanitary, with large amounts of feces piled throughout the house and smeared on multiple surfaces, urine-soiled floors and furniture, piles of garbage, flies and mounds of hoarded items,” says Eileen Drever, senior officer for protection and stakeholder relations for the BC SPCA.

“It was challenging for our animal protection officers to navigate in the home due to the amount of garbage and debris.” Drever adds that the cats, who had been left inside the home, were excessively thirsty. “There was no water visible, and the cats immediately crowded around the bowls of water and food our officers put down.”

The 59 domestic short-haired cats range in age from a few days old to approximately seven years. “They are suffering from a number of medical issues, including upper respiratory infection, bloody diarrhea, limping, dehydration and emaciation,” says Drever. “All of the cats were triaged and assessed at our facilities in Surrey and Chilliwack and will receive on-going care as needed.”

Drever says the ewe removed from the property was in the backyard, surrounded by overturned furniture, strewn garbage and injurious objects such as broken glass and wires.

“Whenever we rescue such a large number of animals at one time, it puts enormous strain on the resources of our busy shelters,” says Drever. “The BC SPCA is extremely grateful for any donations to help with the care of these 60 animals.