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BC SPCA in Campbell River seeks help with influx of guinea pigs

November 12, 2020

The BC SPCA in Campbell River is asking for donations of supplies to help care for a large intake of guinea pigs into their facility.

“We are working with an individual who has become overwhelmed with the number of guinea pigs in his home and has agreed to surrender them to the SPCA so that they can get the proper care that they need,” says Stephanie Arkwright, manager of the Campbell River SPCA. “We have taken 20 guinea pigs so far and expect to bring in approximately 25 more in the next few days.” Arkwright says all the animals are coming into the SPCA in Campbell River for intake and initial assessment but some will be transferred to SPCA locations in Vancouver, West Vancouver, Abbotsford and the Tri-Cities for adoption.

“We are in urgent need of supplies for the guinea pigs, including water bottles, guinea pig treats, small-animal litter boxes, shoe boxes or other boxes of a similar size to create hiding houses, flat sheets, empty toilet or paper towel rolls and grocery store gift cards to purchase vegetables,” says Arkwright.

If you can help, or are able to make a financial donation to help the branch purchase the supplies, please contact the Campbell River SPCA at 250.287.7766 or campbellriver@spca.bc.ca . The branch is located at 891 13th Avenue, Campbell River.

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