BC SPCA applauds Delta’s decision to restrict sale of cats, dogs and rabbits from stores - BC SPCA
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BC SPCA applauds Delta’s decision to restrict sale of cats, dogs and rabbits from stores

October 16, 2017

Sad puppy in cageThe BC SPCA is applauding a move by the City of Delta to limit the sale of cats, dogs and rabbits to adoptions from approved shelters and rescues, effective Nov. 1. SPCA manager of public policy and outreach Amy Morris says the new bylaw, approved by Delta council on Oct. 16, is a step forward in preventing animal cruelty.

“Delta council is standing up against the importation of dogs from puppy mills and the inherent cruelty involved with unscrupulous breeders,” says Morris. “The restriction also reduces the issues that can arise from impulse purchases of domestic animals. With so many cats and rabbits being abandoned and surrendered to shelters and rescues, this is the right move.” The Canadian Kennel Club and Cat Fancier’s Association do not allow breeders to sell to pet stores in their Codes of Ethics.

Morris notes that an increasing number of municipalities across Canada and the United States are moving to ban the commercial sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in retail setting. “As an animal welfare organization, the BC SPCA fully supports this responsible approach and urges all municipalities to consider such a ban.”

Individuals interested in adding an animal to their family can visit an animal shelter, contact a rescue or visit the home of a responsible breeder to see where the animal has been raised. Learn more about finding a reputable breeder or view animals available for adoption on our website.

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