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Adopt a kennel to help homeless animals this year

January 1, 2021

Jack Mullin had a deep and compassionate love for animals and taught his daughter Christine that a house is not a home without a pet. Jack’s commitment to caring for those who cannot care for themselves influenced Christine so deeply that today, as a teacher, she works to pass that same compassion and empathy towards vulnerable animals on to the next generation.

When Jack passed away, Christine wanted to find a way to honour her dad that would ensure his generosity of spirit carried on. She immediately thought of the BC SPCA and how her father’s love could live on in a gift to the animals.

For Christine, the Adopt-a-Kennel program gave greater meaning to her gift, providing a specific and tangible reminder of her father, while also allowing her to honour him in a way that makes a real difference. Her father’s kennel will provide a safe home to animals as they wait for their new family to find them.

As we begin a new year, with all the hope and promise of 2021 – you too can honour a loved one, a beloved pet, or your own commitment to animals, by adopting a kennel. Every animal deserves a roof over their head and a warm bed to lie on, you can provide that for stray, injured, and abused animals all year round – adopting a kennel, truly is a gift of love.

Adopt a Kennel

Choose from three kennel options:

Cat kennels: Each cat kennel has separate rooms for their litter area and rest/play area to decrease stress. Cats have a specially designed hide perch and go box, which goes home with them when they are adopted. This provides the cats with a familiar and safe space to help them feel more comfortable as they adjust to life in their new homes.

Dog kennels: Each dog kennel is equipped with a sliding door to allow them to come out and visit with potential adopters but have the ability to retreat and take a break from the attention if needed. Each dog is given their own bed and taken for walks at least twice a day.

Activity spaces: These areas allow cats and dogs waiting for their forever homes to burn off excess energy. Activity spaces are a great place for staff to work on training dogs or socialize cats and provide play sessions. A happy and healthy animal will show their personality and have a greater chance of being adopted.

You can sponsor a kennel at any SPCA branch for up to three years. The kennel will display a plaque with the name of that wonderful person along with a message that the kennel is being sponsored in their honour or memory. Each plaque will be seen by everyone who walks through the doors of the SPCA branch that is closest to your heart.

Your gift will help provide food, treats, toys and veterinary checkups and life-saving medical care for stray or injured animals. Animals make such a difference in our lives. Give back and make a difference in their lives – during a time when they need it the most and make one of your new year’s resolutions a promise to help homeless animals in need.

Adopt a Kennel today