How to trim your cat’s nails: Make it a ‘paws’itive experience
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How to trim your cat’s nails: Make it a ‘paws’itive experience

March 1, 2017

Sometimes, those claws get sharp! Your cat’s nails will occasionally need trimming, but it’s important to make sure the trimming experience is a good one that your feline has a positive association with, rather than a negative experience.

“You might want to start by just having your cat eat his favourite food or treats with the nail clippers lying beside him,” says Kim Monteith, BC SPCA manager of animal welfare.

“By gradually getting him more and more used to nail clippers with a positive experience, like food or treats, it will help your cat to be calm and relaxed when it’s nail trimming time.”

Making sure you have the right size nail clippers is key, Monteith notes, and ensuring you have your cat’s favourite food or treats nearby helps.

“You never want to just pull them out of their crate or out of hiding – let your cat dictate the situation – listen to your pet,” she says.

Sometimes, having a second person to help hold the cat can be helpful, she adds, as long as pet guardians are always ensuring it’s a good experience for their feline.

“You never want to force it… look for the quick in the nail and make sure you never cut too close to that,” Monteith says.

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