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Holiday travel checklist for pets

December 4, 2019

Cat in suitcase

Travelling with your pet doesn’t have to be as daunting as you think. We’ve made a list and be sure to check it twice to help ensure pets have a nice and relatively stress-free trip.

Before travelling:

  • Make sure your pet is up to date with all their vaccinations and shots
  • Ensure your pet has at least two forms of ID: a microchip, collar with tags and ear tattoo
  • Include a temporary travel tag with your cell number and destination phone number
  • Ask your vet about medication for anxiety or motion sickness if your pet suffers from either during travel
  • Have your vet recommend emergency contacts for a veterinarian at your destination

What to pack:

  • Bring your pet’s vaccination record to show immigration officers for cross-border trips
  • A pet first aid kit that includes any medications they may require
  • Safety restraints, such as a dog seat belt or secure crate if travelling by car
  • A portable food dish and water bowl plus water, food and treats
  • A waste scoop, litter box, puppy pads or doggy poop bags
  • Grooming supplies- brush, pet wipes
  • A favourite toy, blanket or pillow to help your pet feel at home in a new environment
  • Kennel or crate, bed and leash
  • A jacket or sweater to ensure they are comfortable on a cold day
  • A picture of the pet (to show to people if the pet goes missing) and microchip number
  • A list of pet-friendly restaurants and attractions at your destination



Tips and tricks:

  • Avoid excessively feeding your pet immediately before your trip
  • Play with your pet and make sure they get a lot of exercise before the journey. There will be a higher chance that they will sleep on the way to your destination.


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