Embark on an adventure with your best 'furrend' - download our Pet Travel Checklist
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Embark on an adventure with your best ‘furrend’ – download our Pet Travel Checklist

June 23, 2023

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Taking a memorable vacation with your beloved furry companion can be a wonderful, enriching experience. However, the thought of planning and packing may appear daunting at first. Don’t worry — we have you covered! To ensure that you and your pet have a relatively stress-free trip, we’ve created a downloadable pet travel checklist (PDF).

Download the checklist

Pet Travel Checklist

Before travelling:

  • Travel restrictions: Find out what is required for pet travel from the airline/train/boat/bus/hotel and for entry to the country of destination.
  • Destination health risks: Determine local health risks such as heartworm to determine what preventatives are needed.
  • Vet appointment: Make sure your pet is up to date with all their vaccinations and shots
  • Medications: Refill any current prescriptions and ask your vet about medication for anxiety or motion sickness if your pet suffers from either during travel.
  • Treatments: Your pet should be treated for flea and tick prevention prior to leaving for your trip.
  • Destination vet: Have your vet recommend emergency contacts for a veterinarian at your destination.
  • Pet carrier acclimation: If your pet is new to travelling, get them used to the carrier by taking some fun, short trips and using positive reinforcement with treats, pets and verbal support.
  • Pet ID: Ensure your pet has at least two forms of ID: a microchip, collar with tags and ear tattoo.
  • Register your pet with the BC Pet Registry, in case your pet goes missing.
  • Contact information: include a temporary travel tag with your cell number and destination phone number

What to pack:

  • Vaccination record: to show immigration officers for cross-border trips
  • Medical records: for ongoing medical conditions
  • Pet first aid kit: include any current medications
  • Safety devices: dog seatbelt, secure travel crate, life vest etc.
  • Portable food dish and water bowl
  • Water, food and treats
  • Waste scoop
  • Litter box, puppy pads or doggy poop bags
  • Grooming supplies: brush, pet wipes, towel
  • Toys
  • Blanket or pillow: to help your pet feel at home in a new environment
  • Leashes and harnesses: for walking and tethering
  • Safety restraints: dog seat belt or secure crate
  • Climate appropriate needs: rain jacket, sweater, shade cover, cooling vest etc.
  • Picture of your pet: to show to people if your pet goes missing
  • Microchip number
  • A list of pet-friendly restaurants and attractions at your destination

Tips and tricks:

  • Avoid excessively feeding your pet immediately before your trip
  • Play with your pet and make sure they get a lot of exercise before the journey. There will be a higher chance that they will sleep on the way to your destination.

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