Tiny puppy abandoned in park makes miraculous recovery - BC SPCA
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Tiny puppy abandoned in park makes miraculous recovery

November 27, 2023

A tiny, three-week-old puppy who was unable to stand or support himself was found abandoned on a trail in Burnaby’s Central Park in October. Luckily, a good Samaritan found him and brought him to the BC SPCA.

When he first came into the animal centre he was constantly falling over and knocking into things. Staff thought he might be deaf and blind.

Wiley, as he was named by BC SPCA staff, was immediately brought to a vet. He was tested for a long list of possible infectious diseases and given a full neurological exam to rule out various conditions. There were no definitive results from the tests so Wiley went to a BC SPCA foster home where he could receive the attention he needed.

He was nervous of everything at first and never let his foster mom out of his sight. His balance was so poor that he would fall forward whenever he lent down to sniff at something. Now, thirty-eight days after going into his foster home, he is confidently jumping down off the couch and learning to sit and shake a paw.

Wiley loves to chew, loves food and has a heart of gold. He will be spending the holidays with his new forever family.