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Think outside the box: BC SPCA encourages public to surrender kittens rather than abandoning them

September 29, 2016

With 26 kittens abandoned in boxes in the Shuswap area within less than a week, the BC SPCA is letting the public know that there is a much better option: surrendering any unexpected or unwanted animals to the BC SPCA. From tiny kittens found by a Tim Hortons dumpster to 10, three-week-old kittens found in two boxes in Enderby, to four kittens left on the top of a hiking trail (two of whom are still missing), Shuswap SPCA staff are hoping to see an end to the sudden spike in kitten abandonment.

“We’re asking the public to please, come and surrender any unwanted animals to the BC SPCA – it’s important for us to get background information about the animals, like their age and health, in order to provide them with the best possible care,” says Shuswap BC SPCA Branch animal care attendant Barb Gosselin, who notes the shelter helps manage the abandonment or surrender of litters with the help of foster guardians.

While it can be challenging when so many come in in such a short amount of time, surrendering is always a better option than abandoning tiny, helpless animals in a box, Gosselin says.

“When kittens are abandoned or just dumped in a box somewhere, it puts the animals’ health in jeopardy, and we lose the opportunity to gather the information necessary to rehome that animal,” she says. “We urge people who feel they must surrender their animals to please do so in a responsible way so that we can all work together to give these animals the best possible chance to live a happy life.”

Foster guardians for animals are always needed at the SPCA, and Gosselin encourages anyone thinking of becoming a foster fur-parent to contact the branch today.

“It can be extremely rewarding to help the province’s most vulnerable animals – the ones who really, need our help the most.”





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