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Abused puppy can recover with your support

April 15, 2019

The BC SPCA’s Vancouver Branch is seeking your help with medical costs for Kiki, a pomeranian puppy who has suffered horrific abuse.

The SPCA was alerted to Kiki’s condition when a member of the public called in to report that a puppy had been allegedly abused by one of its owners and was being taken to a local animal hospital. Animal protection officers arrived at the hospital and Kiki was surrendered to the SPCA.

The eight-month-old pomeranian was examined by the veterinarian who observed that Kiki had a bandage tied tightly around one of her rear legs resulting in a large open skin infection, which had spread to her back and legs. X-rays showed she had a number of older fractures to her ribs. “Kiki is in unbelievable pain. Her entire back and legs have had all the skin removed due to the infection. Kiki’s skin has literally rotted off of her and she has fractured ribs,” says Vancouver SPCA branch manager Jodi Dunlop.

Kiki the Pomeranian

Kiki’s medical costs are estimated to be around $6,000 and she will be in SPCA care for up to two months recovering from her injuries. “Kiki has an amazing personality. She has suffered cruelty at the hands of humans and deserves a pain-free happy life,” says Dunlop.

Animal protection officers will be recommending charges to Crown counsel.

If you can help Kiki and other animals in need at the Vancouver SPCA, please visit spca.bc.ca/medicalemergency or visit the branch at 1205 East 7th Avenue, Vancouver, 604-879-7721.