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‘Pay’ your pet to let you know it’s time to go outside

June 1, 2016

Sometimes, our pets don’t tell us when they need to go outside. But you can teach your dog to let you know when they’re ready for a bathroom break, says international animal behaviour counsellor Chirag Patel, in a helpful Tip Tuesday video that demonstrates how to work with your pet.

“What you need to do is make it worthwhile for them, and ‘pay’ them for letting you know it’s time to go outside,” Patel says. “I say, let the dogs cash in their pees and poos – when you ‘pay’ them with treats, they learn they get lots and lots of nice things when they go to the bathroom outside.”

Having a bell – something the pet guardian can hear throughout the house – or a similar object set up by the door is a great idea, Patel notes.

“You can practice this with your pet – when you’re going toward the door outside, ask for their paw, and as soon as they put their paw on the bell, open the door and go outside,” Patel says. “Repeat this throughout the day and soon, when he wants to go outside, he’ll look for the bell.”

Find more Tip Tuesday videos on the BC SPCA Facebook page or on YouTube.

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