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Conservation Canines

Conservation Canines by Isabelle Groc
July 29, 2022

You may have heard of “sniffer dogs” trained to detect bombs or find missing people, but did you know that dogs are also trained to help other animals? In her book Conservation Canines, Isabelle Groc shares examples of how wildlife experts use the power of a dog’s nose to help endangered animals – including here …

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Kitten found on the side of the highway with shattered femur needs your help

July 28, 2022

The BC SPCA is hoping you can help Macy, a feral kitten found on the side of the highway near Williams Lake by a good Samaritan. “The good Samaritan was driving home when she noticed a ‘lump’ on the white line on the edge of the road,” says Liz Dighton, manager, BC SPCA Williams Lake …

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BC SPCA celebrates Vancouver company’s commitment to humane wildlife control

July 21, 2022

Stories about human-animal interactions are common in neighbourhoods around B.C., where people co-exist with urban wildlife. People want to do the right thing when encountering rodents and other wildlife around their homes, but lack of information and expertise can lead to unqualified people offering harmful pest control services. This is why the BC SPCA celebrates …

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Against all odds, family reunited with their cat

July 5, 2022

She went missing from her family’s co-op grounds in Victoria. She was found in Nanaimo. No one knows how Miri, a three-and-a-half-year-old, blue and cream tortoiseshell cat, made the more than 100 kilometre journey. Her family, after months of looking and not hearing anything, thought that she was gone forever, but against all odds, and …

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