Owner of husky found outside Kamloops SPCA focus of cruelty investigation - BC SPCA
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Owner of husky found outside Kamloops SPCA focus of cruelty investigation

December 2, 2011

The BC SPCA will not be returning a malnourished husky who was left tied to the Kamloops SPCA shelter on Nov. 22 to the Chilliwack woman claiming to be her owner.

“Normally we would be absolutely thrilled to be able to reunite a lost dog with their guardian, but in this case we have considerable concerns for the dog’s safety and welfare,” says Marcie Moriarty, general manager of cruelty investigations for the BC SPCA. She said the former owner of the dog, Sheena Robson, has been the subject of serious animal cruelty complaints during the past year involving dogs in distress. “In the past few months we have taken eight dogs and seven cats into custody from her after attending at her property as a result of animal cruelty complaints.”

Moriarty says Robson operates a backyard breeding operation where the dogs, ranging from chihuahuas to Cane Corsos, have been found in poor welfare conditions. “Since May we have issued a number of orders concerning the welfare of the animals in her care,” says Moriarty. “On a recent recheck we found several animals in distress, including nursing mothers covered in fleas and a Yorkshire Terrier locked in a dark closet as well as unsanitary conditions throughout the house.” While the case is still ongoing, Moriarty says the BC SPCA will be recommending charges of animal cruelty against Robson and if the animals are not immediately relieved of distress, they will be removed from the property.

“In light of the circumstances, we cannot in good conscience return the husky, now known as Violet, back into a situation where her welfare is likely to be in jeopardy,” says Moriarty. She notes that the dog now legally belongs to the SPCA because of the time that has passed since she came into SPCA care. “Violet continues to flourish with the care she is receiving and we will find her a loving home where she will be safe and happy.”
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