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Long-term resident Oso finds forever dog dad

June 7, 2024

A perfect match is worth the wait. Beloved long-term resident Oso has finally found his forever home after spending almost 300 days in the care of the BC SPCAs Comox Animal Centre. Poor Oso was surrendered into the BC SPCA’s care after spending the first three and a half years of his life tethered to a chain during the day, only allowed to come indoors at night.  

Even though Oso spent nearly a year at the animal centre, the BC SPCA staff and volunteers never gave up hope that Oso would find his perfect home forever.  

“Everyone was committed to finding Oso a home,” says Stephanie Arkwright, manager of the BC SPCA’s Comox animal centre “He was featured in seasonal photoshoots, local media – staff and volunteers made every effort to shine a spotlight on this wonderful dog and help him find his forever family.”  Some of these efforts included hosting a birthday party for Oso as he neared his first full year in care.  “The community rallied together,” says Arkwright. “They generously donated treats, toys and food to Oso and the rest of the dogs in care.”  

Shortly after Oso’s birthday party, Jonathan, a member of the community, noticed him on one of the many BC SPCA social media posts trying to find Oso a home and immediately fell in love with his sweet face.  

“I was still recovering from the loss of my dog when I saw Oso,” says Jonathan. “He was my best friend. We did everything together: “Jonathan adds that his previous dog came to work with him, they went on outdoor adventures together; he even made a custom seat in his truck for him, and it devastated him to see it empty every day.   

“The first time I met Oso, I was struck by how handsome he was and his ‘regal’ energy,” says Jonathan. “He was a little guarded at first but then he quickly relaxed, and he was playing with me and showing me lots of affection. He made such an impression on me, and when I left that day, I felt like I made a new, old friend.”

The BC SPCA team at the Comox animal centre were not going to let Oso’s adoption go without some kind of celebration. Arkwright explains, “We made Oso a ‘congratulations you are adopted’ cake before he left with Jonathan. It was such a mixture of emotions. We were so happy to see him leave with his new Dad, but we had all grown so attached to him, it was emotional to watch him walk out the door.” 

Things have been going well for Jonathan and Oso in his new home,He’s a big boy and you wouldn’t think he was a cuddle-bug, but love and affection is what he needs more than anything. He is a giant teddy bear.” Jonathan adds that Oso quickly took to riding with him in the truck, where he fit perfectly into the dog car seat.

Oso’s life is now filled with love and adventures with his forever dog-dad. He spends his days getting plenty of exercise and lounging around his new favourite spots, including the couch and in front of the fireplace. He loves the sounds of the trees and the waves and loves to gaze out the window,” says Jonathan. “I can’t wait to take him on adventures and give him the life he deserves.” 

Jonathan now takes Oso with him everywhere he goes, and the two are inseparable. He says, I love every minute I spend with him, we both seem to like to do the same things. I think this is the beginning of a very good (best) friendship.” 

Just in time for Father’s Day, sweet Oso has settled in with his dream dad. Oso’s story of never losing hope on his perfect home stands as an inspiration for shelter pets across the province and beyond. Thank you, Jonathan, for opening your home and heart to a long-term resident in need. If you are considering adopting a long-term resident, click here to browse our adoptable animals.  

To support long-term residents like Oso, visit here.