Nine kittens abandoned at construction site in freezing cold - BC SPCA
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Nine kittens abandoned at construction site in freezing cold

December 30, 2022

They were found at a construction site in Vancouver in the freezing cold. Nine kittens ranging in age from 12 weeks to four months old, abandoned in two boxes taped shut.

“The temperatures were bitterly cold when these kittens were left at a construction site with nothing but a cardboard box for protection,” says Jodi Dunlop, manager of the BC SPCA’s Vancouver animal centre. “When someone working at the construction site opened the boxes, they found the kittens huddled together for warmth and immediately brought them to the BC SPCA.”

“People need to know that it is illegal to abandon an animal,” says Eileen Drever, BC SPCA’s senior officer protection and stakeholder relations. “Thankfully there was someone at the construction site to find these kittens and bring them to us.”

The kittens were taken to a veterinarian for examination right away. “Sadly, one of the kittens had a prior injury that had not been treated and couldn’t be saved,” says Dunlop. “One of the other kittens we named Prancer was also suffering from an injury to her right front leg that is weeks’ old and, unfortunately, the leg will have to be amputated. Three other kittens required medical attention as well.”


Dunlop adds that even though Prancer had been suffering for weeks because of her injury, it didn’t affect her disposition. “She is the sweetest kitten. She kneads biscuits with her front left paw and is always so happy to have visitors.”

The kittens will remain at the BC SPCA’s Vancouver animal centre until they are fully recovered. They will be available for adoption within the next two weeks.

To help save these kittens and the thousands of others that need rescuing, all donations today and tomorrow will be matched up to $159,000 by the Don and Lorraine Moore Foundation, Darren Kopetsky & Puss Puss, Don & Joyce Hilton, and in honour of beloved pets Miranda and Miko.

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