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Newly launched wine protects B.C. bears

September 4, 2019

What could be better than enjoying a nice glass of wine? Saving B.C. wildlife at the same time!

The BC SPCA is delighted to partner with Northern Lights Estate Winery in announcing the launch of “The Bear”, a new Pinot Gris-style wine with a purpose. The wine is made using surplus apples sourced from local properties, with the goal of deterring bears from entering developed areas in search of leftover or fallen fruit. In addition to protecting local bears, the BC SPCA will receive $2 from each bottle sold to help animals in need across B.C.

Photo credit: Jeff Reibin

Craig Daniell, chief executive officer of the BC SPCA, says the initiative is a creative example of how individuals and businesses can make a difference for B.C. wildlife.

“British Columbia is fortunate to have an abundance of wildlife, including both black bears and grizzly bears,” says Daniell. “But, as urban development expands into wild animal habitats, bear encounters have become a normal part of life, with tragic consequences for the bears.” In the fall, as bears prepare for hibernation they need to build up fat to survive the winter. They seek out easily accessed foods, including compost, garbage and fruit trees. “Unfortunately, these food sources bring bears and people closer together,” says Daniell. “Over time, bears may lose their natural fear of people and start to associate people with food. Sadly, hundreds of ‘problem’ bears end up being killed by conservation officers in B.C. every year.”

The BC SPCA reminds individuals to do their part in keeping B.C. bears safe by being aware of the following attractants:

  • Ripe or fallen fruit
  • Unsecured garbage and compost/food scraps
  • Outdoor pet food storage
  • Bird feeders
  • Outdoor fridges and freezers
  • Bee hives
  • Chicken coops

“We can all take easy steps to protect bears from becoming victims,” says Daniell. “And what better way to reward yourself for making the effort than with a glass of The Bear wine?”

For more information on where to buy The Bear wine, visit