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Morty and Cairo are home for the holidays

December 23, 2020

Morty and Cairo have come a long way. Part of large intake in the fall, the kittens arrived the Victoria BC SPCA location with a slew of viruses and diseases, and other issues, both physical and behavioral.

“They arrived in our first crew of the sickest and youngest kitties,” says SPCA Victoria branch manager Annie Prittie-Bell. “Many were extremely dehydrated and constipated upon arrival and all of this crew needed behaviour modification. The team has been working tirelessly to complete behaviour programs to help socialize these guys to get to a point of adoptability!”

morty the cat
Morty Photo by Kelsey Bishop
Cairo Photo by Kelsey Bishop

Morty and Cairo were two of the lucky ones who were adopted out sooner than later, and found their furever family with Kelsey Bishop and her husband.

After moving back to Canada from living abroad, the couple were both ready to bring another kitty, or two, into their hearts.

“We were really looking for any cats that needed a home, and we were open to bonded pairs,” says Bishop. “Then we heard about these two dudes and knew we were up for the challenge! We were happy to adopt both of them, and we’re so thankful that they have each other.”

While the cats were healthy and socialized enough to find their furever home, they still struggle with behaviorial and socialization issues.

“They still don’t like being touched,” says Bishop. “Which is hard because we love them so much already and really want some snuggles!”

cairo morty
Photo by Kelsey Bishop

However, despite the lack of snuggles, Morty and Cairo have experienced some breakthroughs.

“Everyday since we got them they have surprised us because they are so brave and curious,” says Bishop. “They now sniff us and even take treats from our hands, so hopefully soon they will learn that hands are their friends.”

The pair also love playing after dinner (Cairo especially enjoys catnip) and Bishop and her husband like listening to podcasts while they entertain the cats with a feather wand or a small piece of rope.

“They are both doing really well and getting comfortable with us. We’re taking it slow and letting the kitties set the pace for us.”

Like most families, the holidays will be quiet for Bishop and her husband, but one that is definitely love-filled.

“My husband and I are so happy to have these little guys for the holidays,” she says. “It’s an unusual year for all of us, and we won’t be spending time with our families, so we’re looking forward to a nice, quiet, cozy holidays with  just the four of us.”


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