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Medical Emergency: abandoned German shepherd puppies

April 9, 2020

The BC SPCA is hoping animal lovers will rally to help six eight-week-old German shepherd puppies who were found abandoned in a remote area near Port Alberni. A passer-by heard the puppies’ cries and alerted the SPCA.

“The poor little pups were in rough shape,” says Lorie Chortyk, general manager of communications for the BC SPCA. “They were undernourished, with eyes crusted shut with infection when they were rescued, but they were still wagging their tails and were so sweet.”

The puppies were suffering from severe demodex mange, secondary skin infections, conjunctivitis, ear infections, worms and were infested with fleas. Four of the puppies will require entropion surgery to repair abnormalities in their eyelids, with two of the puppies requiring surgery in both eyes.

“The puppies have been receiving antibiotics and have been bathed daily for their mange, along with other medical treatments,” says Chortyk. “They are now recovering in foster homes and are doing well. They are so well-behaved and are happy, energetic puppies.”

The care costs for the six puppies is expected to exceed $4,000. If you can help them, and other animals in need, please donate today.

Chortyk noted that puppies will need several weeks to recover and are not up for adoption at this time.

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