Legislation strengthens animal welfare protection
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Legislation strengthens animal welfare protection

February 27, 2017

The BC SPCA applauds the Government of British Columbia’s move to target irresponsible dog and cat breeders throughout the province.

Introduced by Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick, the legislation will, if passed, provide a framework for the licensing and/or registration of commercial breeders of cats and dogs.

“We are thrilled to see the provincial government take this important step towards the creation of an inspection system for dog and cat breeders in B.C.,” says BC SPC chief executive officer Craig Daniell.

“We are pleased to see our input reflected in this legislation and are excited to see this new chapter open for B.C. animal welfare.”

The proposed amendments to B.C.’s Prevention to Cruelty of Animals Act would enable the B.C. government to regulate commercial breeders through either a registration or licensing system that will help ensure commercial cat and dog breeders in British Columbia are treating animals with the respect and care they deserve.

While the details of the licensing or registration system will be defined by future regulation, the proposed amendments establish:

  • an external agency, designated by future regulation, will administer the system the agency’s inspectors will be responsible for inspecting and enforcing relevant standards of care
  • inspectors will be able to apply for a warrant to enter a residence, if the owner’s consent is not provided
  • breeders found to be engaging in irresponsible practices may be subject to administrative actions, including having their license or registration suspended or cancelled
  • operators will be able to request a review or reconsideration of the administrative actions taken against them.

Read the full government release online.

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