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Generosity in Action: Petsecure Pet Health Insurance

December 1, 2019

Bringing a new pet into your home is a very exciting time, but it can also feel overwhelming. The questions and worries for new pet parents can be endless; how much food are they meant to eat, what if a dog they play with is sick, how much exercise will keep him healthy? Providing a sense of security for new pet parents is one of the reasons the BC SPCA is grateful to have Petsecure Pet Health Insurance as one of our most dedicated and generous partners.

Their industry-leading team is passionate about helping all pets in our province – In just 11 years, they have donated an astounding $810,000 transforming the lives of countless animals in need!

In addition to their compassion for abused, neglected and homeless animals, the Petsecure team cares about your family’s finances. Pet insurance eases the worry about your pet’s health and the possible difficulties, injuries, and bills you may face. For every animal adopted through the BC SPCA, Petsecure generously provides six weeks of complimentary insurance. These trials give peace of mind to new pet parents, resulting in less animals being returned to our shelters during the early stages of adoption, and creating more forever homes. The BC SPCA also receives a donation for each adopter who signs up for a Petsecure policy, and Petsecure customers who did not adopt from the BC SPCA are encouraged to donate to our cause through their billing system.

The Petsecure team is always looking for ways to help the BC SPCA help more animals, and we are deeply grateful for their thoughtful and life-saving support.

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