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Generosity in Action: Chanel & Sam

February 20, 2019

Cover dogs on the 2019 BC SPCA I Animals Calendar, Bane and Timmy have had a profound and positive impact on Chanel and Sam’s lives.

Bane came first and taught them how to not sweat the small stuff and enjoy the simple things in life. Then, when Chanel met Timmy at the BC SPCA, she just knew he would fit in with their family. Until then, life had been hard for Timmy, but he has taught everyone patience and shown the amazing transformation that happens when a dog finds life-long “paw-rents”.

Both Bane and Timmy bring so much love that Chanel and Sam are forever grateful to be their guardians.

Two black dogs on the cover of the 2019 BC SPCA calendar

Bane and Timmy — along with Chanel and Sam — were thrilled to win the honour of being featured  on the cover of this year’s calendar.

How’d they do it?  By raising the most money to help animals in need across BC during the 2018 BC SPCA Calendar Contest.

We’re ramping up to start the 2019 Calendar Contest very soon. If you’d like your fur-baby to have the chance to be on the cover, make sure you sign up to be notified when the contest starts.