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Generosity in Action: Nelica’s monthly gifts of love

March 21, 2019

Nelica is a loyal BC SPCA supporter who has been giving for more than eight years.

When asked why she gives, Nelica says “I love animals more than humans!” And also says she gives because she’s not able to have an animal friend of her own. Although she’d desperately love to have a cat, Nelica says she’s not able to. It’s not because she’s more than 90 years of age, however!  It’s because the building she lives in doesn’t allow pets.

Nelica chose to become a monthly PAW Plan member because it’s the most convenient way for her to give. She doesn’t have to remember to make a donation, it just happens automatically each and every month. Plus, she receives one consolidated tax receipt at the end of the year with all her gifts.

Every couple of years Nelica has chosen to increase the amount of her monthly gift — so she can do even more to help the puppies and kitties (and all the other animals) at the BC SPCA.

When she can, Nelica loves to come and visit the Vancouver shelter and the animals, although she doesn’t do it as much as she used to.

Thank you Nelica for your kind and generous monthly support of the animals. We couldn’t do what we do without you — and all of our wonderful supporters.

If you’d like to join the PAW Plan, visit our donation page now!