Extremely starved dog found confined to crate in the dark slowly regaining weight - BC SPCA
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Extremely starved dog found confined to crate in the dark slowly regaining weight

December 15, 2023

Luffy, a two-year-old pit bull terrier came into the BC SPCA’s care when he was surrendered to a BC SPCA animal protection officer responding to a complaint about the dog’s living conditions and health. The animal protection officer found him confined to a crate in a dark basement with no visible food or water. He was extremely emaciated.

“When Luffy came into the animal centre, we immediately brought him to an emergency vet,” says Kristen Sumner, manager of the BC SPCA’s North Cariboo animal centre. “Luffy was so extremely starved, he could only be given food or water under a veterinarian’s care because of the risk to his brain and other organs.” Sumner says he was in the emergency clinic for four days on IV fluids and was carefully administered calories in the form of a nutrient dense paste via syringe. He was also treated for internal parasites.

Sumner adds that Luffy’s refeeding plan is continuing at the animal centre under veterinary supervision. “He has slowly started gaining weight, but he has a long way to go,” she says. “Due to the scarcity of food in the home where he was living, we are also working with him on his resource guarding and to build his trust and confidence that there will always be food for him.”

Despite his history, Luffy is a gentle giant who adores people. “He loves his walks bundled up in a coat to protect him from the cold,” says Sumner. “He shows so much desire to learn and is beyond food motivated. We have been keeping his routine very consistent and he is finally relaxed enough to enjoy his comfy big bed instead of constantly worrying about getting another meal.”

Luffy will be available for adoption once he has reached his goal weight and has been neutered.

This case is currently under investigation. The BC SPCA will be recommending charges.