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He waited nearly a year for his forever home

August 2, 2023

Charlie, a German shepherd pit bull mix, was a stray who came into the BC SPCA’s care after being picked up by Prince George Animal Control in June of 2022.

“Sadly, no one came to claim him,” says Kristen Sumner, animal centre services manager, North Cariboo. “He was in foster homes, foster to adopt homes and was transferred three times in an effort to get him adopted.”  Days away from his one-year anniversary he got the best news – he was going to his forever home!

“I saw him on the BC SPCA’s Facebook page,” says Lee-Anne, Charlie’s (now Marley) new mom. “It was the first time I had seen a post for a dog that had been in care for that long.” Lee-Anne fretted about Charlie all night long. “I went in the very next day and made my case to adopt him.”

Marley’s adoption profile had mentioned that there shouldn’t be another dog or cat in the home, so Lee-Anne knew Marley would need to meet her dogs Max, a 12-year-old, Australian cattle dog, pit bull mix she had adopted from the same animal centre ten years ago, and Nikki, another rescue, before they could bring Marley home.

First, the dogs had solo long-leash introductions. Then there were a number of group walks with everyone crossing their fingers it would be a match and Marley could go to his forever home. “The dogs got along right away,” says Lee-Anne. “They just started walking together. No sniffs, it was an instant ‘let’s go, we’re together.’ It was like Max and Nikki fist-bumped Marley and said, ‘we got you.’”

Marley in his forever home and with Nikki and Max.

The connection continued once they got him home. “We all love him so much. He is fitting right in,” says Lee-Anne. “I had a husky named Jerry who was with me until he was 16. Marley has the same husky hug. He does the head tuck when he comes in to hug you.”

Lee-Anne adds that Marley is as described by the animal centre. “Marley is super high energy and then he becomes a lounge lizard. He loves to hang out on the couch on the deck nestled in amongst the nineteen pillows and in the yard soaking up the sunshine.”

Marley has had plenty of time to bond with Lee-Anne. “I have been with him every minute since I brought him home two months ago” she says. “I have barely gone out, and when I do I take the pack in the van with me. Everything is a learning and training opportunity. They all love our adventures.”

Lee-Anne lives very close to the beach. “The first time I took Marley to the beach he was so excited, I wondered if he had ever been taken to the beach.” Lee-Anne adds that Marley is a big love bug. “He has loved every human he meets, hard,” she says with a laugh. “He loves to roll around on the grass and make weird noises like a cow. He is so entertaining.”

Marley loves to observe all the birds, squirrels and deer on the property. “These are Marley’s days now,” says Lee-Anne. “He just loves to be in the yard, lounging and hanging out with his brothers who have fully accepted him into the family. He has the best life and so do we for having him.”

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