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Charges laid against owner of starving dogs

September 18, 2009

Crown counsel has charged Peter Joseph Seymour with four counts of animal cruelty following an SPCA investigation involving three badly-neglected dogs. Two adult dogs, one of whom was “days from death,” and a puppy were removed from a Ladysmith-area First Nations reserve in March.
One of the adults, a skeletal female bullmastiff, was surrendered March 4; the other two animals – a neapolitan mastiff puppy and an unneutered adult cane corso – were seized two days later when their owner failed to comply with orders to provide adequate veterinary care.

“The female bullmastiff was literally skin and bones,” said BC SPCA special provincial constable Tina Heary. “Every rib and every vertebra was prominent, and she was completely lethargic.”

All three dogs fully recovered in SPCA care and were adopted into loving homes.

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