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Ask libraries to spotlight empathy, prevent animal abuse

September 1, 2016

Tony, a lovable senior cat in West Vancouver, is on to something: reading the right books decreases the likelihood of violence against animals and kids. Knowing this, advocate Ally reached out to the Vancouver Public Library and had one thing on her mind: empathy.

Ally knew that in order to see a change in people’s attitudes towards animals, libraries needed to promote materials that share about animal’s experiences. Ally’s local advocacy led to the VPL posting this list on their website.

Now we need your help.

Libraries across British Columbia need to carry books that promote diversity, non-violence, and the development of empathy skills. Take the time today to email your local library and ask them to carry these engaging books.

1. Search for your library.

2. Navigate to the “contact us” section of their website.

3. Highlight, copy (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v) the following text into their contact box or an email:

Hi there,

A sincere thank you for the work you do to promote literacy and child development. I am disturbed in learning about the link between domestic violence and animal abuse (learn more from I believe we can make a difference in people’s attitudes towards each other and animals if we help them develop empathy from a young age. I am writing to ask: will you order the books on this list and promote them in our library? By doing so, I am confident that your actions will help make a difference in an at risk child’s life.

Please take the time to follow up with me regarding this request.

4. Send us an email with the name of your library and we will follow up with them!

Thank you! Your actions today will have a long-term effect for animals.




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