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Applications now being accepted for Langley puppy mill dogs

March 14, 2016

MARCH 14 UPDATE: Watch as Twister, one of the 66 seized dogs from a pupy mill in Langley, goes to her forever home.

MARCH 10 UPDATE: The Vancouver BC SPCA Branch is now accepting new applications for the remaining adult dogs recently seized from the Langley puppy mill and will be reviewing accordingly. Breeds include Bernese mountain dogs, Wheaten terriers, Portuguese water dogs, Old English sheepdogs and poodle mixes. Applicants that are matched with a specific dog will be invited to attend our next puppy mill dog information session. Please email your application to
The dogs are seeking homes that are:

  • able and willing to work on house training, having a flexible schedule
  • some experience with fearful dogs, able to continue with positive reinforcement based desensitization
  • calm, quiet environments with patient guardians willing to take things slow

Original story: Feb. 29 – First of Langley puppy mill dogs ready for adoption

The first 23 of 66 dogs and puppies seized from a Langley puppy mill on Feb. 4 will be available for adoption this week at the Vancouver SPCA. The dogs medically cleared for adoption include eight adult Wheaton terriers, three adult Old English sheepdogs, three adult Portuguese water dogs, one adult Bernese mountain dog, one adult standard poodle, five 11-week-old standard poodle puppies and two five-month-old Portuguese water dog puppies.

Due to the overwhelming interest in the dogs, the BC SPCA is holding three information sessions on Wednesday, March 2 for anyone interested in putting in an adoption application. Attendance at one of the sessions will be mandatory for any applicants due to the special needs of the dogs.

“We are truly grateful to the hundreds of people who have expressed interest in opening their homes to these dogs, but we want to make sure that anyone putting in an application fully understands the care that will be required to meet their ongoing behavioural and psychological needs,” says Lorie Chortyk, general manager of community relations for the BC SPCA. “Some issues commonly faced by dogs raised in puppy mills include fearfulness due to lack of socialization, compulsive behaviours, house-soiling and sensitivity to touch. With the proper care and attention these dogs have a wonderful future, but we want to make sure that people understand the commitment they are taking on.”

The sessions will be held at 4:30 p.m., 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. in Room 1228B at Vancouver Community College, 1155 East Broadway. Pre-registration is required at

*NOTE* The information sessions on March 2 are all full. As more dogs from the Langley animal seizure become available, more information sessions will be held. 

The dogs will not be in attendance at the information sessions but staff will be available to discuss each of the available dogs in detail with potential adopters. The BC SPCA respectfully requests that interested parties do not call the Vancouver shelter prior to the sessions to ensure that staff can focus on the on-going daily care of the animals.

“Our goal in holding the information sessions is to match the specific needs of each dog with an individual or family who has the time, skills and patience to help them reach their full potential,” says Chortyk. “The dogs have been through so much and we just want the adoption process to be a success for both the animals and for the wonderful people opening their hearts and homes to them.”

While more of the Langley dogs and puppies will be available for adoption in upcoming weeks as they are cleared medically, the Vancouver SPCA shelter remains closed until mid-March to ensure biosecurity protocols are upheld for the remaining dogs in care.

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