Animal cruelty charges laid after 20-year-old cat left to suffer - BC SPCA
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Animal cruelty charges laid after 20-year-old cat left to suffer

November 6, 2015
A Salt Spring Island resident has been charged with animal cruelty following a BC SPCA investigation. Dana Pennington was charged under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act after her 20-year-old cat was found in critical distress by a neighbour.

“The neighbour rushed the cat, a tabby and white male named Charlie, to a veterinarian, where he was found to be dehydrated, severely emaciated, riddled with fleas and suffering from an eye infection,” says BC SPCA senior animal protection and outreach officer Erika Paul. “Charlie was so malnourished that he scored only one on the body conditioning scoring of one to nine.”

Paul says this case highlights the responsibility of all pet guardians to ensure that their pets have proper medical care at all stages of their lives. “Aging animals may require, and are entitled to, medical intervention required to keep them comfortable,” says Paul. “The fact that an animal is old is not an excuse not to seek care. It is also unacceptable to simply let a pet die unassisted, where the lack of care is causing unnecessary pain and suffering.”

Pennington will make her first court appearance on Nov. 9 at the Ganges Courthouse.

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