Emergency Alert - BC SPCA


18 cats and two young kittens recently brought into BC SPCA care.

This story involves a group of cats living in unsanitary conditions and the suffering they have endured. It also involves an individual struggling with hoarding behaviour, a mental health issue often rooted in childhood trauma.

Many animal hoarders deeply love those in their care, but unfortunately struggle to adequately provide for themselves, let alone the many animals in their home. It can be devastating to see the consequences of such situations, not just for the animals, but also for their animal-loving carers. In this case, living in dire conditions in an overpopulated house led to health concerns for both the cats and their previous guardian.

Though it might be hard to understand how a situation like this can unfold, it’s crucial to acknowledge that sometimes the greatest act of love is reaching out for help when it’s needed.

Living in the home where the cats were removed from must have been almost unbearable. The stench of ammonia and rotting garbage penetrated every room. The BC SPCA Animal Protection Officer’s eyes and nose burned from the strong odour when they entered the home. In some rooms, piles of feces on the floor neared 5” high. All the furniture was saturated with layers of filth - the overflowing litter boxes were far from sufficient. The cats could be found hiding throughout the house, some in the ventilation system or even high in the rafters of the ceiling. It was clear some had been burrowing into the fibreglass insulation close to exposed wires. No animal or human should live in such horrendous conditions.

Today will you consider sharing your compassion with these cats and kittens as they begin a new chapter in their lives. Your gift is more than an act of love for animals, it’s an act of compassionate love for all living beings.

Now safely in BC SPCA care, these 20 cats and kittens are receiving the attention they need. As they were carefully looked over on intake, a few medical concerns were flagged that will need treatment, but the most noticeable issue was the intense smell of urine that has permeated their fur. From the odour alone, you get a clear picture of the dire conditions they have been living in; you can literally smell their suffering.

Several of the cats with longer coats have been living with painful mats, some even caked with cat litter like wee Pepper. They’ve needed careful grooming. Another, Shadow, had a large cyst at the base of his tail which required removal to make him more comfortable. A few other health concerns have been noted, which will require further testing in the coming weeks.

The story of these cats is still unfolding, but one thing is for sure - they are lucky to have compassionate people like you beside them during this time of uncertainty. Will you open your loving heart to help them receive care today?

The two babies and their mum are doing so well. Her kittens are healthy and gaining weight, even eating solid food now as well as drinking mum’s milk. They are just adorable with their tiny tuxes on!

One of the kitties lets out tiny mews when she is happy. She looks into your eyes and as she meows she appears to be smiling at you - her gratitude is clear. Moments like this, shared with an animal who has been rescued, are extra special.

It's loving compassion like yours that will ensure these cats have a second chance. Please make a caring gift today if you are able.

*in the extraordinary case where funds raised exceed the needs of these cats, your caring gift will ensure the next animal can be saved

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