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31 dogs rescued from irresponsible breeder

By shedding light on the difference between responsible breeders, who respect the welfare needs of their animals, and irresponsible breeders who do not, the suffering of these poor dogs might help save others from enduring the same trauma.

We can only bring about change if we work together and right now these animals need you.

These sweet souls were removed from a property where they were subjected to awful living conditions. The group includes dachshunds, poodles, Mini Schnauzers and various poodle-mix breeds, all of varying ages. The fear in their eyes, peering out from the darkness of their inadequate “kennels,” says more about their suffering than I can ever explain. Many of them were so terrified they cowered at the back when BC SPCA Animal Protection Officers entered to assess their condition.

Will you be there today to wrap your loving arms around these dogs?

The group has been kept in outbuildings, separated into runs with insufficient shelter against the winter cold. Upon entering, the stench of ammonia, thick cobwebs and frozen water bowls revealed the first signs of neglect, but further inspection showed much worse. There was not a single toy visible, and the dogs have been confined to small areas with no enrichment for most of their lives. Some of them were seen weaving or pacing; repetitive behaviour caused by a perpetual lack of stimulation.

The situation was shocking, even for our seasoned Animal Protection teams. It would break any animal lover’s heart to see the needs of these dogs so completely ignored. Inadequate wooden structures or plastic “dogloos” provided minimal protection from the -10°C temperatures during their rescue, and only a few had some straw for bedding. Most had dirty or frozen water provided in buckets too high for the smaller dogs to comfortably reach, and only some had access to food.

Considering the conditions they’ve been subjected to, it’s not surprising that a number of these dogs are suffering from hair loss or matting. A couple have more painful medical conditions including a broken tail and severe dental disease.

I’m devastated to share that we lost one wee dachshund who had been living with an abdominal mass so large it was dragging on the ground. She hadn’t received appropriate vet care and her condition was too advanced for our veterinarians to save her. The only comfort is knowing that her final moments were spent in a safe place, surrounded by people who love animals and want the best for them. Compassionate people just like you.

These dogs deserve so much better, and they are now finally in a place where they will receive the care they need, the love they have never known and the promise of a future where they will be cherished.

The heart-wrenching suffering this group has endured serves as a vital reminder to be vigilant when purchasing an animal from a breeder. Red flags for irresponsible breeders include requesting to meet in a parking lot versus their home, fearful animals who shy away from being handled, and the poor visible condition of animals.

Today these rescued dogs are relying on your kindness. Please help them receive the dedicated and specialized care they need with a loving donation.

*in the extraordinary case where funds raised exceed the needs of these dogs, your caring gift will ensure the next animal can be saved

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