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Right now, a large group including cats, dogs, kittens, puppies, pigs, rats and a rabbit are in BC SPCA care. In total, 55 animals were rescued from a single property where conditions were unsanitary and inadequate for both the people and animals living there. The home was covered in feces; floors and surfaces contaminated with urine. Many of the animals were riddled with fleas and had limited access to food or water.

Despite the conditions they have been living in, it's clear these animals were dearly loved. Most are well socialized and seek out attention from the people around them. But in a hoarding situation like this, it’s inevitable that medical issues emerge with such a large group living in filth. It becomes overwhelming for the hoarder and impossible to provide for the needs of each animal. Even the simplest provision of water can be hard to keep on top of in a home where cats can be found in cupboards.

Without the funds to spay and neuter each animal, new litters of both cats and dogs had become a frequent occurrence at the property. With every new life born, the situation became even more overwhelming.

Will you help each of these animals receive the care they need today?

Given their previous living conditions, it’s not surprising that many of these animals are suffering from fleas. Two puppies struggle with the worst infestation, itching so severely they’ve damaged their skin in places. It's heartbreaking to think that a simple flea treatment could have saved young Harlequin from this self-trauma.

As always, caring for a group this size is a huge draw on BC SPCA resources. From the staff time and fuel to transport the animals to where they can receive care, to medications, food and supplies for foster families who generously open their homes to animals in need; it’s a staggering operation.

If you are able, please consider contributing towards their care and help each of these sweethearts find forever loving homes.

*in the extraordinary case where funds raised exceed the needs of these animals, your caring gift will ensure the next animal can be saved

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