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As you likely know, this fall 46 puppies, 21 adult dogs, 27 horses and three cats were rescued by BC SPCA Special Constables.

All of the animals required special care and many of the horses were fighting for their lives. I have to warn you now that the images of when these horses came into our care are very upsetting...

Cruelty case foal with dam in stall

As you can see, it's taken quite a lot to make these horses healthy again, with full costs for care, food and shelter exceeding $20,000.

Emaciated draft horse as part of Princeton 97 rescue

Seeing a large draft horse so emaciated was difficult for horse lovers to stomach during intake. It is something that we certainly wont forget any time soon.

Cruelty case horse with extreme knot in mane

A mane so neglected, that it has been enveloped by burrs and formed a single tangled mat.

Very skinny Appaloosa horse

It was all heartbreaking, but seeing how these animals were wasting away, was the most heart wrenching.

Your gift to animals who suffer like these horses, will save lives.

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