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BC SPCA’s new Strategic Plan (2019-2023)

With the help of our generous supporters, the BC SPCA has seen a transformational change in the care and protection of B.C.’s most vulnerable animals. We now have an opportunity to influence even more change by empowering every British Columbian to make a difference in the lives of animals.

We are embarking on a new five-year journey (2019-2023) to change the future of animal welfare (PDF) . With your continued support, this four-pillar vision to protect, care, inspire and grow will have a huge impact on animals across BC.

Here are some stories that illustrate what these pillars mean when it comes to helping more animals in the coming years.  We invite you to learn more about the state of animal welfare in B.C. (PDF) and our plans to help address urgent welfare concerns impacting animals in your community. Join us as we work to create a better future for domestic, farm, and wild animals in B.C.

View the full Strategic Plan (2019-2023) (PDF).

Craig Daniell
Chief Executive Officer, BC SPCA

Protecting animals

Our goal by 2023:

  • A reduction in animal abuse and neglect in British Columbia through prevention, collaboration and enforcement.

Caring for animals

Our goal by 2023:

  • People facing barriers to providing good physical and behavioural care for their animals are supported, thereby improving animal welfare, and reducing the needs for them to give up their animal.
  • The care of domestic, farm and wild animals is elevated through stronger standard practices in our operations and the broader community.

Inspiring change

Our goal by 2023:

  • British Columbians are motivated to take action to improve the lives of domestic, farm and wild animals.

Growing our capacity to serve animals

Our goal by 2023:

  • Our programs, facilities and governance systems embody best practices, serving as a measurable model of excellence in animal welfare.
  • Our people are thriving – effective in their work and respected for their knowledge and capabilities
  • Our mission is supported through identifying and pursuing new opportunities for annual revenue growth and building future capacity.

See the strategic plan in action